RBRF Photos!

January 6, 2010

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the delay, we are still hoping people will send us more photos but here is what we have so far. If anyone has more please send them to us, especially any photos from Saturday’s Art Fair! Thanks!

Here is a link to our flickr page full of photos!

rock bass rainbow fest flickr

Also, we are on the facebook now and will be posting things there as well.  If you are also on the facebook hit us up and stay connected!

cohoquinoque crew facebook

Interesting news to come in the future, and also hopefully more photos

Stay warm Philadelphia!


Many Thanks for a Successful Festival!

December 15, 2009

Hello everyone, we want to thank you all for being a part of this winter’s festival. It was cold and a bit chaotic, but we made it happen! I hope everyone enjoyed the experience and met some cool people. It was a learning experience for everyone involved and we can only make things better and more streamlined in the future.

If anyone has photos from the weekend please feel free to email them to us at cohophiladelphia@gmail.com so we can post them on the internets. If you would like credit for your images let us know and you shall receive it. We should be posting images from the event as soon as we catch our breath and get it all together.

Keep in touch and continue to check up with the Crew through our blog as more fun is sure to be had in the future.

Our next event will be taking place in much nicer weather.


The Cohoquinoque Crew

Tasty Beverage

December 9, 2009

Thanks to the Berentzen people for donating some wonderful liquid to Friday night’s Party.


There will also be wine and PBRs floating about, catch one if you can, but let me warn the young and sneaky folk- we have wristbands, and we’re not afraid to use them. Bonus: The wristbands have fish on them.

There shall also be snacks.

Temple News Article

December 9, 2009

We’re news! Here’s a link to the article about us at Temple News Online.

Tyler Artists Debut Two Day Festival

Rock Bass Rainbow Fest Is This Weekend!

December 7, 2009


December 6, 2009

Here is the latest list of Artists who will be selling their work during the art fair this Saturday. Seems we will be filling the vast space of The Skybox rather well, and there is still a possibility of more to come. Stay Tuned, and See you there!

Willy Akers/Photographer

Bhoomi / Renee Verdier / fashion – www.bhoomi.co.uk/

Dawn Boyer / jewelry – www.dawnboyerjewelry.com/

Canoe Crafts / jewelery – www.canoecrafts.com/

Dwell Deep / Sam Wedelich / illustrations – www.dwelldeep.com/

Jennifer DiCesare / jewelery

Ashley Dodge /Ceramics – http://kylehouser.blogspot.com/

Fourward / fashion – http://gofourward.com/

Grace Eleanor Fuller / fashion

Miss Vivian G / accessories

Carly Herman / jewelry – http://carlyherman.com/

Bridget Hu ffman / jewelery/fashion

Bridget Jaramillo / art lamps / painting –dimillodesign.com

Michele Judge /jewelery – www.michelejudge.com

Jerry Kaba /ceramics

Emily Kane /jewelery/fashion

Deborah Kelly /fashion

Stephen Kent / ceramicist – www.stephenkent.blogspot.com/

Gregory Labold / fashion apparel- http://gregorylabold.blogspot.com/

Laylabelle / jewelry – www.laylabelledesigns.com/

Lisa Lock / fashion accessories

Maryann Lyons / knitted wear

Kendell Maliki / fashion – www.kendellmaliki.com/

Diorella Manzano /baked art – www.agirlbakesinnewyork.blogspot.com

Dana McElroy/artist

Melissa Nannen / fashion – www.goodmarvin.etsy.com

Odd Owl – Emily Schwartzman / jewelry – www.etsy.com/shop/oddowl

Daniel Ostrov / glass artist – www.danielostrov.com

Patrick and David / fashion accessories

John Ratana /artist

Re-Threads / fashion – www.rethreadsbynita.com/

Rogue Theory / Fiber art/fashion – www.rogue-theory.com

Carin Sauerwein /fashion accessories – www.etsy.com/shop/themondayafternext

Aubrey Schick /dolls & marionettes – http://aubreyshick.com/

Matthew Selbovitz / glass art – www.matthewselbovitz.com/

Shariffa /artist

Jacob Singer /Ceramics

Brooke Somers/Ceramics

Shawn Spangler /Ceramics – www.shawnspangler.com

Stephanie (Lauren) Stauffer- www.daedaldagnydesigns.com

Melinda Steffy – www.etsy.com/shop/fabrik

Lindsey Stevenson / painting – www.lindseystevenson.com

Nicole Rae Styer / fashion – www.nicoleraestyer.com/

Ann Torockio / jewelery / fashion – www.etsy.com/shop/annrockio

Jessica Tyler /Painter – http://jessicatylerart.blogspot.com/

Roseann Helen Tyler / fashion accessories

Jo Watko/Ceramics

Stephanie Wilks / photographer – www.wilksgallery.com/

Maggie Wood / jewelery – www.maggiewooddesigns.com/

Tristan Wright / Painter – www.tristanwright.wordpress.com

Undesix / fashion – www.bonniequick.com/

Up From the Ashes / fashion accessories – www.upfromtheashespa.com/

Vgroove / skate lamps – www.sk8lamps.com/

Volta Soap / bath&body – http://voltasoap.com

Vulcan Glassworks /glass art – www.vulcanglassworks.com/

Andrew Zangerle / drawings/ sculpture – www.etsy.com/shop/themapleridge

Getting to The Festival

December 1, 2009

The Festival will be taking place at

The Skybox @2424 Studios

2424 York St. Philadelphia, PA 19125


This is in the Fishtown Area of Philadelphia

There will be ample Street Parking near the venue

Here is a link to the location via google maps:

Please disregard the location images in google street view. The Studio space has been completely renovated since these photos and is now quite awesome.

For all those in the city, there are many SEPTA routes you can take to get to 2424 studios from all over the city.

Enter the address into SEPTA’s trip planner to find your best route.


Happy Travels! See You There!