What: The Rock Bass Rainbow Fest!

Where: The Skybox @ 2424 Studios

2424 East York St. Philadelphia, PA 19125

When: The 11th and 12th of December, 2009

Why: The Cohoquinoque Crew created this festival as a way to pull together a unique event for the city and it’s art subculture we so adore. The Festival will celebrate art, fashion, music, dance, craft, design, performance, and some of that back alley underground goodness we Philadelphians love so much, among other things. It is a chance for us as artists to give something back to our community that does not necessarily rely solely our own egotistical  ideas of making, but instead extends a helping hand from us to the broader and more diverse art world that we are a part of. We are not trying to make a profit from this event, but only hope to grow as a collective through this festival so that in the future we can create even more events for the city, its inhabitants and the very important idea that art is so very important.

How: cohophiladelphia@gmail.com


4 Responses to About

  1. Hello,
    I am interested in attending the RockBassRainbow Fest for the three dates listed.
    I have been a freelance artist and designer for many years. I currently own and operate a small gallery located in Atlantic City. The gallery is closed for the winter. I live in South Jersey close to Philadelphia.
    I am completly professional and outgoing.
    I sincerly hope to hear from you.
    Elizabeth Toplin-McShane

  2. Gigi Manosa says:

    my website is under construction, I am interested in registration to the rock bass rainbow fest how do I apply and send in the fee.

    I did see requirements.

  3. Hello all, there is a link to the Application Guidelines under the Call to Artist Post. View the requirements there and email your application to cohophiladelphia@gmail.com

    No money should be sent until you receive our official acceptance letter via email.

    If you have any other questions send them to that email and will get back to you as soon as possible.

  4. Emily says:


    I’m looking to write this up for Philly Weekly’s Style blog. Not sure who I would contact, but if you could email me at freisher at temple dot edu, I have a few questions about this weekend. Thanks for your help!


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