Many Thanks for a Successful Festival!

Hello everyone, we want to thank you all for being a part of this winter’s festival. It was cold and a bit chaotic, but we made it happen! I hope everyone enjoyed the experience and met some cool people. It was a learning experience for everyone involved and we can only make things better and more streamlined in the future.

If anyone has photos from the weekend please feel free to email them to us at so we can post them on the internets. If you would like credit for your images let us know and you shall receive it. We should be posting images from the event as soon as we catch our breath and get it all together.

Keep in touch and continue to check up with the Crew through our blog as more fun is sure to be had in the future.

Our next event will be taking place in much nicer weather.


The Cohoquinoque Crew


3 Responses to Many Thanks for a Successful Festival!

  1. Morgan says:

    I WANT THE PHOTOS T000000000000


    I’ve been checking every day for them.

    Let me know when/where the photos will be posted to

  2. RAF says:

    Still no photos???

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